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It's time you enjoyed one of the simplest forms of flight by making a reservation with Hang Gliding in Los Angeles. Whether beginner or experienced you will have an unparalleled and hassle-free hang gliding experience in Los Angeles. Book with us today and let us handle the details so you can enjoy the adventure.

Your First Hang Glide in Los AngelesTandem Hang Gliding in Los AngelesLos Angeles Hang Gliding Gift Certificates

Los Angeles Hang Gliding Gift Certificates
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The Best Hang Gliding Experience in Los Angeles!
Sail High Through the Los Angeles Skies!

Hang Gliding in Los Angeles is part of the American Hang Gliding Network, the only nationwide network of its kind that matches you with reputable schools across America. We handle the particulars of finding the best hang gliding schools in Los Angeles where you can take comprehensive hang gliding lessons or have the thrill of a tandem hangglide. For an unforgettable experience, reserve your adventure with our team of hang gliding professionals and see why other thrill seekers say we're a step above the competition.

Our staff is professional and accommodating and once you've completed your hang gliding adventure we follow through to make sure it was all we promised it would be. Call us at 323-682-0713 today and take to the skies for a thrilling ride. Choose from a tandem hangglide or solo hangglide to begin your new experience.

Call Our Hang Gliding Experts at 323-682-0713 and Go Hang Gliding in Los Angeles Today!

Tandem Hang Gliding Lessons in Los Angeles
A sense of adventure is all you need!

Your First Hang Glide in Los Angeles

Imagine the fun you'll have learning how to launch a hang glider safely, running down a bunny hill into a soft breeze. If this is your first time, a tandem hang gliding experience is a risk free way to experience one of the purest forms of flight. This is also the most popular method of going airborne for both seasoned or novice flyers because there is minimum commitment on your part. Get the best out of this adventure by choosing Hang Gliding in Los Angeles to arrange your tandem flight with one of the reputable schools in your area.

When you Hang Glide with the American Hang Gliding Network you'll be learning from United States Hang Gliding & Hang Gliding Association (USHPA) certified instructors with impeccable safety records and years of experience under canopy. Call one of our Los Angeles Hang Gliding experts today and learn how you can experience hanggliding today!

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Solo Hang Gliding Lessons in Los Angeles
Fly safely by yourself in two days or less!

Los Angeles Hang Gliding School

If you've always desired to make this sport more than a one-time experience, Hang Gliding in Los Angeles offers the perfect opportunity to learn from some of the best instructors in the Golden State. Get an exclusive bird's eye view of your surroundings by learning to soar on your own in a safe and fun environment.

Our instructors have taught hundreds of beginners to fly, and can help you reach your goals quickly and safely. Hang Gliding Lessons are available through the schools in our network to get you flying solo in one or two days. Don't just dream about flying, go for it today.

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No matter what your interest or skill level, Hang Gliding in Los Angeles has the perfect adventure for you! Pick up that phone and prepare for an unforgettable experience!

Call Our Hang Gliding Experts at 323-682-0713 and Go Hang Gliding in Los Angeles Today!

Hang Gliding in Los Angeles is a network of professional instructors who are part of the American Hang Gliding Network.
Regulations may prohibit hanggliding in the city proper. Local hanggliding instructors are conveniently located near Los Angeles, California.
"Hang Gliding in Los Angeles" is a popular search term for hang gliding in the greater Los Angeles area and is not intended as a guarantee of location.